Things That We Say to Ourselves

Smith TowerWhen I was about 15, I lived for a summer with my Uncle Shad. We used to have these long talks about what makes people do what they do. What motivates them and what holds them back. These talks were really great for me as a teenager because my uncle just happened to be very successful in marketing and sales and went on to be one of America’s foremost experts on personal motivation. His book, “What to Say When You Talk to Yourself,” is probably the seminal book on the subject. He went on to write a bunch of books on the subject and eventually founded the Life Coach Institute where he trains people to use self-talk as part of their Life Coaching practices.

Anyway, we would have these long talks. Me, the inquisitive teen, and my uncle, the knowledgable mentor. And it was during these talks that I really started formulating my plan for success in life. I had up to this point been raised in a loving but financially very poor state. I was a happy kid. I worked hard (thanks, Grandpa Fred) and I had a positive attitude. This summer though was the first time I got to spend significant time living in a financially wealthy environment with access to successful people and time, time to just sit and discuss what was possible and how possibility could be turned in to reality. And it was during this time that I really started having thoughts beyond childhood, beyond what is happening today. The reality of being a self-responsible man. The possibility of creating my own successes, having my own family and really making something strong and long lasting in the real world opened up for me.

Lots has happened since that time. But those talks and the idea that I could have real control over how I moved through the world never left. So, here we are. I have a great wife, great kids, awesome family and a job that I love. I have done many things. And I need to lose some baggage that I have collected along the way. Thirty-six pounds of it to be exact. And I’m doing it through power walking and power talking. I’m speaking myself to the potential that I know is there. I am doing, through these words, the things I need to do. And it is damn good to be me right now.

I took a walk yesterday, with Beulah, my wife. We went up and down some really big hills. It was awesome!

Power Walk

  • 3.77 Miles
  • 1:08:04 Duration
  • 18:03 Pace per mile
  • 120 Steps per minute
  • 721 ft Elevation
  • 580 Calories burned

Power Talk

  • I don’t cheat. I win!
  • I choose for myself when I want to be a part of the crowd.
  • The whole world is my gym and this sidewalk is my treadmill.
  • I am making myself live longer.
  • I can do it!
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