Day Three and the Journey Continues

Yesterday’s walk was AWESOME (stats way below). I upped the ante and added some more hills. I’m finding that hills really add to the challenge and can make a power walk a significant workout.

Doh!!! I almost forgot to share. When I wrote my first post I told you all that I was 26 pounds overweight and I gave you all that blah blah blah about how I’m strong and I don’t look overweight and all of that other gobbledygook. Well, aside from that all just being lipstick on a pig, I got my weight wrong. I was actually 36 pounds over what this here chart I found on the internets says is my ideal weight. Go pick up something that weighs 36 pounds and strap it to your belly all day. Take it off. Yeah, feels good, right? I hope it does anyway, or this whole thing is kind of pointless if you don’t take into account things like better blood pressure, less chance of getting diabetes and being less likely to keel over after carrying in the groceries. But I digress…

Walking, like I said above, is AWESOME. And in this very short time I feel pretty comfortable being that guy on a diet, power walking his way through the city making self-affirming statements at moderate to loud volume (more about that in another post). But I want to take a minute to talk about the other two legs of the health triangle. Diet and core exercise.

My lovely wife Beulah told me that if I really want to see results I need to change my eating habits. No, not some fad diet. I need to  modify what I put into my body to better match what I need. More working calories and fewer junk calories. For me that means less sugar, fewer simple carbs ( sugar) and more appropriate amounts of lean meats and other proteins along with whole grains, fiber and leafy green vegetables. Throw in some fresh fruits and BAM!!! On the path to goodness. She then made an important point. I have to like what I’m eating or I won’t keep doing it. I was like, “You mean diet doesn’t mean tasteless masses of brightly colored dinners delivered in plastic wrap?” And she was like, “Yup.” Think about that for a while.

In the next couple of days I’m going to put together a list of the stuff I’m eating now. Maybe it will be good for you. Maybe not. But you’ll get the idea. She also told me that I get a cheat day so that my craving for cake can be satisfied sometimes and I won’t start hating the world and just quit.

I have also added some simple exercises. After I walk, I do two sets of 20 crunches, 20 leg-lifts and 25 modified (sometimes described as “girl”) pushups. Your own routine should be tailored to your fitness level. My level is low to middling. The key is in consistency and patience. Don’t do more than you can. Listen to your body. When I started running and ended up hurting myself, it did me no good. Take your time. Just don’t stop.

I think maybe I have written too much for this post and should probably split it in to two separate posts. But I’m not gonna. I hope that you made it this far so you can see my stats and power words!

Power Walk

  • 3.94 Miles
  • 1:08:04 Duration
  • 17:17 Pace per mile
  • 120 Steps per minute
  • 557 ft Elevation
  • 543 Calories burned

Power Talk

  • I am making myself live longer!
  • From my own positive actions, I create the world I want to live in.
  • My power talking doesn’t have to fit anyone else.
  • Note to self: No freaking plagiarism!
  • Through repeated hill climbing, I create in myself Buns of Steel!


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2 Responses to Day Three and the Journey Continues

  1. Brian Kerr says:

    Awesome concept for a blog.

    My favorite book about walking is “Outside Lies Magic” by John Stilgoe

    How do you track your walking stats?

    • clickfiend says:

      Outside Lies Magic looks really cool. I’m gonna pick up a copy. It makes me think of photo walks and Long (intercity) bike rides. Times where you are out really paying attention to what is around you. For tracking I’m using Runkeeper. It’s pretty cool. It tracks all the basic stuff and let’s you track runs, hikes and walks separately.

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