I was walking through the park one day

Leschi TrailYesterday I power walked with my wife. See the stats way down below. We went from the house, down to Lake Washington via roads, parks and wooded trails.

Since I started this blog, I felt some pressure to come up with good stuff. I mean, I can’t expect all three of you to keep reading if it’s just a bunch of entries like, “Today I walked. My walking was vigorous and covered a great distance. There were hills and valleys and sights that varied between fantastic and unmemorable. I can tell you more about the former, but really can’t remember about the latter.” Followed by, “Here is some statistical data to quantify my walk for you:

  • Impressive accomplishment
  • Meaningless smart sounding measurement
  • More data ad nauseum until the reader ends up believing that I have actually accomplished something.

No. I was really feeling like I needed to add some meat to the bones (while decreasing the meat on MY bones!). I for sure needed to come up with some powerful self-talk that you can use in the privacy of your own home while standing in front of the mirror or performing household chores. And I thought, “Maybe I can talk about what it means to be a man on a diet.” As I said in my previous post, I have never felt the need to diet. I’m a dudes dude and dudes don’t diet. I’m strong. I’m pretty fast… see how it goes? I get started thinking about this and the conversation wanders from, “Hey! You gotta take care of yourself or you’re going to die early” to “What effect does the ‘D’ word have on my socialized interpretation of myself as a man?” Deep, right?

Power Walk

  • 2.78 Miles
  • 56.26 Minutes
  • 20:18 Pace per mile
  • 108 Steps per minute
  • 1312 ft Elevation change
  • 356 Calories burned

Power Talk ( Say ’em proud and out loud to get the greatest effect )

  • I push myself beyond my own self-imposed limitations.
  • I am an excellent communicator. I listen to the complete thoughts of others and process them before responding.
  • I am a trustworthy individual. I deliver on promises to myself, to my family, and to my colleagues.


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