The Experiment: Power Walk and Power Talk

C36B2092-B258-4602-A6BC-E4080F1B00E9This is an experiment. I don’t know how long it will last, or whether it will work. I thought that I would share partly to hold myself accountable, and partly in hopes that something useful might come out of it for even one other person out there.

I’m 48. I have a bad knee, and I recently discovered that I’m overweight. Now, I don’t look overweight. I don’t feel overweight. I mean, I’ve developed a bit of a belly that my wife says is cute. I know that I’m not in the best shape ever, but I at least thought that I was doing ok.

26 pounds. That’s what the chart says. 6 foot 1 and 3/4th inches tall. 226 pounds. Not all muscle anymore. Sedentary lifestyle. Sweet tooth. Beer, wine and cocktails. Kids. No time. Work. 26 pounds and growing. And that knee. And all of the bad health options that come with age and poor health staring me down from arms length.

When I first started realizing that I had a growing problem, I thought, “I’ll just run it off.” And that, with some diet changes paid off to the tune of about 10ish pounds. Great right? Not so much. All that running did a number on that knee. And I had to stop. Completely for a while. And the weight came back. All of it.

There I was. Back at square one. Until two days ago. I tried a short run. 1.5 miles. Didn’t seem right. Next day, tried a 2.5-mile power walk. Felt good. But was it enough? Could I deal with being that “not really an old guy” out there walking fast instead of running? There were definitely a couple of times on that first walk that I thought about taking off as people went past. But then I started thinking, “Who gives a crap about them?” This is about me and my health. Then I started thinking, “Why don’t I just take this to the next level and kill two birds with one stone?” Everybody has stuff that they can improve on. Things they would like to fix. Hey, I was just walking. A whole world of self-improvement activities were there for me.

I chose self-talk. Yeah. I decided that I am going to get fit, and get my life in order by power walking and power talking. Out loud. To myself. For myself. And I decided that I would share it all with you. So, for the next 26 pounds, you are going to get my walking stories, my pictures and all of the best power talk I can come up with to guide me down the path.

I’m not a doctor. You may want to take things you find here with a grain of salt.

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2 Responses to The Experiment: Power Walk and Power Talk

  1. Jason Lee says:

    I’m with you brother! I’ve got 54 to lose.

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